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Mobile Welding | Welding Shop | Metal Fabricators | Stainless Aluminum Welding | Gate and Fence Repair | Tube and Pipe Bending | Phoenix AZ


A&E Fabrication is a family owned and locally operated welding fabrication shop serving Maricopa County and is located in North Phoenix, AZ. We are a full service metal fabricator and welding shop including mobile welding, our services consist of but are not limited to; structural steel,metal fences,metal gates, commercial jobs such as warehouse steel stairs, cat walks, and welding repairs. At A&E we can fabricate, weld, and repair just about anything made out of metal. Our fabrication shop is staffed all week working on welding projects and communicating with our customers and while they are busy welding in the shop we have our mobile welding truck in the field installing what they have made or out completing welding repairs.

Sheet Metal Panel Divider Stair Rail Meatl Vine Gate Structural Steel

Custom Products:

-Wrought Iron
-Brackets made to your specifications
-Vehicle add ons(Bumpers,Roll Bars,Racks)
-Metal Signs
-Food Grade Stainless(restaurant sinks and counters)
-And More!


-Mobile Welding

We bring the shop to you with our full service mobile welding truck we can fabricate and weld just about anything in the field.Stainless, and aluminum can also be welded with our mobile welding service.

-Mig Welding

Using multiple Miller and Lincoln MIG welders helps us with various jobs such as small gate and fence repair to larger repairs like farm equipment or heavy use steel.

-Tig Welding

In the shop we have a large 220v TIG machine for jobs using stainless or aluminum, it can also be use when the client needs the weld to look very clean as this process will leave a clean weld.

-Arc Welding

This is what is used to power us in the field. We have a large gas welder/generator on the truck to allow us to weld heavy steel on the job site or to power our smaller welders when there is no power on site.

-CNC Waterjet

This machine is at a partner company of ours and this really helps add to what we can already do. They are able to cut very precision parts such as replacement parts for vehicles or signs for businesses.

-Metal shaping and Bending

Our hydraulic bender allows us to bend tube or pipe from 1/2" up to 2" which allows us to make roll cages, vehicle bumpers, and railings.

-Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless

These are the metals we work with in our shop so whether you need a stainless restaurant sink or an aluminum wheelchair ramp we have you covered.

-Plasma and Torch Cutting

The plasma cutter is used for more precise clean cutting for things such as decorative metal or vehicle parts and the torch gets used to cut thicker steel for large projects like stands for holding shades or structural plates for support.